NaviENT Cranial Navigation System
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NaviENT Cranial Navigation System


Key Features

• Sleek, compact and portable cart
• Large touch screen for natural interaction
• Powerful and intuitive software features
• Biopsy and Tumor resection solutions
• Pre-calibrated navigation probes
• Fast registration and precise navigation
• Affordable and no consumables


Fast Registration

Navient’s registration is simple, accurate and
fast. It detects multimodal fducials for automatic
registration as well as allows using anatomic
landmarks for manual registration.
Navient’s innovative trace-based registration
technology further fne tunes registration and
provides best in class accuracy. The process takes
less than a minute to complete.


Proprietary Optical Tracker

• Reliable accuracy
• Wireless instruments
• No interference from metals
• Simpler and more user friendly

• Permanent & steam sterilizable markers
• Live video feed for easy positioning of the tracker
• Magnifed view for tool tip accuracy verifcation

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